Recent Projects


This heli-pond located near the top of a mountain was originally lined with concrete. Due to the location and inaccessibility for heavy equipment, the concrete was rough finished without expansion joints and cracked before it could fill with water. Geo-Form geomembrane was placed directly over the rough finished concrete. (See black pen laying on concrete surface in photo). When the rains returned, the pond filled and is holding water ready for helicopters to fight the next forest fire.

Truck Refill Pond

Another lining project that demonstrates the characteristics of the Geo-Form was a smaller water truck refill pond. Heavy equipment access to this site was also very limited. Consequently, there were large rocks protruding from the subgrade and tree stumps that were cut off as close to the grade as possible. The sides were seventeen feet high and near-vertical. Without the property of ductility and easy welding of the EPDM Rubber Alloy, this would have been an impossible lining project.

Irrigation Pond

The irrigation pond in the photos demonstrates the ability of Geo-Form Geomembrane to be installed without anchor trenches which were not possible because of the backside caliche rock bank and the narrow front berm. A two-foot wide flat bench was hand dug into the bank. After the lining was placed and anchored with rebar around the flats, it was then covered with dirt. This method of securing the lining was made possible by the weight and stiffness of the EPDM Rubber Alloy geomembrane lining.

Cow Test Study

A question that is frequently asked is, “How does Geo-Form lining hold up when walked on by cattle, deer, elk etc.?” Unfortunately, there are so many variables that it is impossible to answer with certainty. The weight of the animal: running, climbing, walking or jumping. Then the shape of hoofs, and the surface under the lining; firm or soft like sand or mud.

In co-operation with a client, an unscientific test was conducted in a cattle feed lot. The lining was placed near the feed station for one week. Half of the lining was over concrete and the other half was over compacted earth. At the end of the week, the lining was washed and inspected. Only one small hole was found.

Also, the last photo shows muddy bear tracks on the lining. Or maybe it was Sasquatch? These photos do not guarantee that Geo-Form could not be damaged by animals, however they do indicate that it is fairly tolerant of occasional animal traffic.

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