Water Reservoirs

A Long-Term Solution for Ponds & Reservoirs

The weight and thickness of Geo-Form EPDM Rubber Alloy make it an ideal choice for many ponds and reservoir lining applications.

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Remains Flexible

Geo-Form geomembrane is not a semi-crystalline microstructure and is not susceptible to stress cracking; therefore it can be securely welded at temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

water reservoir

Reduces Damage

When the subgrade shifts and settles or stones protrude into the lining over time, the ductility feature allows the lining to stretch and mold to the changing contour without rupturing.

water reservoir installation

Weight Matters

The weight of Geo-Form lining is over one half pound per square foot and resists uplifting in winds up to moderate gale-force during installation.

All Reservoir & Pond Linings are Custom Made and Built to Last.

Industry Leading

20 Year Limited Warranty

  • Minimal Site Prep

  • UV Resistant

  • Simple Installation

  • Resists Cracking

  • Heavy, Durable Construction

  • Lasts 20-30+ Years

  • Easily Repairable

  • Won't Wrinkle or Float

Set it and Forget It

Geo-Form's EPDM Rubber Alloy geomembrane is an ideal solution for ponds and reservoirs due to its durability, ductility, and ease of installation. Once installed, the liner will not move or lose its shape.

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  • All Our Liners are Made 100% in the U.S.A.

  • Our Midwest Manufacturing Facility is ISO Certified

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