Geo-Form EPDM Rubber Alloy Geomembrane Patented Heat Weldable Rubber Lining for Canals, Flumes, and Reservoirs

Industry Leading 20 Year Limited Warranty

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Because Geo-Form is made of weather and U/V resistant polymers, it's an ideal solution for any lining project where long life expectancy is required.

Ductile - Heavy - Proven

The ONLY durable geomembrane lining that provides ductility, specific gravity above 1.0 and has proven successful in numerous installations in the Pacific Northwest and Alberta, Canada


Geo-Form Geomembrane lining stretches and molds to the shape of irregular surfaces and local indentations without rupturing. Then it holds the new shape, which requires low elasticity. Finally, when acted upon by force again, as by settling and shifting sub-grade, Geo-Form will re-mold to that surface shape.


The weight of the Geo-Form geomembrane is only a concern until it has been installed. Other geomembrane lining products focus on; lighter, stronger, fewer field seams, fast installations and lower cost with less concern for durability and longevity.


Geo-Form lining has been successfully installed in canals, flumes and reservoirs. We have worked with our customers to refine the handling, placement and welding procedures. We are proud of the fact that heavy is not a concern.

And More!

As you study our website you will discover many other features of Geo-Form EPDM Rubber Alloy that show our geomembrane is truly unique. It was developed to excel in the real world of lining; where the site is not perfect, the owner is limited by people and equipment, and the weather is not sunny and warm during the installation season.


Sustainable & Cost Saving

The Geo-Form geomembrane has low site preparation costs, low installation costs, and low maintenance costs with a life expectancy of 30 years.


Geo-Form linings are able to conform to rough and irregular subgrades without rupturing and provide resistance to damage during installation.

Dimensionally Stable

Weather conditions do not cause lining to stress crack, wrinkle, shrink, or expand, and it can be installed at any temperature. 

Heat Weldable

Our linings can be heat welded using commercially available automatic hot air or hot wedge welders at a rate of 10 feet per minute.


Thicker and heavier than most linings, the Geo-Form geomembrane is extremely durable and rarely requires a ballast.

Simple Installation

Geo-Form lining can be installed by local laborers with minimal equipment and site prep work. 

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