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Geo-Form EPDM Rubber Alloy vs. HDPE Geomembrane Lining

In the absence of a better option, HDPE has been specified in applications where “high” chemical resistance is not required. Now, with many years of proven performance, Geo-Form offers an alternate solution. The chart below shows the advantages of EPDM Rubber Alloy lining when compared to HDPE.

"HDPE provides good chemical resistance and toughness, but is a semi-crystalline material with a relatively low ductility that has difficulties conforming to uneven subgrades and movement. Thicker HDPE liners are also more rigid and difficult to handle and weld."

Higher Ground Consulting Report – “Performance Analysis of Engineered Liner Systems Used to Store Saline Fluids in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry: Physical and Environmental Influences” prepared for Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

Characteristics Geo-Form HDPE
DUCTILEStretch and mold to irregular sub-grade
Conform to sub-grade settlement without rupture
SUPPLESoft and flexible, bends easily without fracture
Adaptable or responsive to new situations
HEAVYSpecific gravity greater than 1.0
Will not float or require ballast
CORE THICKNESSSame as overall thickness
No surface profiles to protect from crazing
Installation Considerations Geo-Form HPDE
Minimal subgrade preparation possible
Tolerant of limited rocks & protrusions
Foot traffic & light rubber-tired vehicles okay
Secure welds at low temperatures (10°F)
Welds may be quality inspected visually
Minimum training of welder operators
May be installed by local workers w/o factory training
Concerns of Failure Caused By: Geo-Form HPDE
Stress cracking and crazing
Weld failures caused by cold shock
Improper tension during placement
Worker handling and foot traffic damage
Anchor pull out & splice failure due to shrinking
Uplift by wind in reservoirs
Hippos and whales in reservoirs
Damage caused by adding ballast

Is the Geo-Form Geomembrane Right for Your Project?

There are many variables to consider when determining if a lining is resistant to a chemical, solvent or petroleum product; life expectancy, temperatures and the level of concentration. Please contact us with the specific chemical resistance requirements of the project and we will advise if Geo-Form should be considered.

All Geo-Form Geomembrane Products are Custom Made and Built to Last

Industry Leading

20 Year Limited Warranty

  • Minimal Site Prep

  • UV Resistant

  • Simple Installation

  • Resists Cracking

  • Heavy, Durable Construction

  • Lasts 20-30+ Years

  • Easily Repairable

  • Won't Wrinkle or Float


Because Geo-Form is made of weather and U/V resistant polymers, it's an ideal solution for any lining project where long life expectancy is required.

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